Tea Vibes

COATS is also the co-founder of a luxury tea company in Los Angeles called Tea Vibes.

Tea Vibes is a tradition-breaking tea company that presents uniquely infused loose leaf teas, curated and handcrafted by a mixologist.

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“The Pillar Life T-TOX” by Tea Vibes

T-TOX is a daily ritual that hydrates, cleanses and calms. A simple habit designed to lighten your body and lift your spirits.

Our first ever T-TOX is also our first co-branded product launch. We’ve teamed up with the cohosts of our favorite podcast, This is Fifty with Sheri and Nancy, who are also the creators of The Pillar Life, an inspiring framework for elevating our lives.

Together, we’ve created The Pillar Life T-TOX. Without having to change your diet or your lifestyle (keep making healthy choices!), you can enjoy our handcrafted, natural and organic teas on our recommended schedule and get the full benefits of all the naturally occurring healing herbs and metabolism boosting properties.

Find out more about Tea Vibes here.